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Shaving Stand for Razor, Brush, Cup, and Accessories, 4" base.

$ 90.00

This custom made stand will provide you a beautiful and compact storage solution for all your shaving needs. It will accommodate any double edge safety razor or Gillette Mach 3 disposable type cartridge razors.This design will also fit most custom and store bought shaving brushes.

It is constructed from 1/8" steel. The shelf area is 2" wide. The top shelf is about 2" tall and the bottom shelf area is about 3 3/4" tall. The base plate is 4" wide and about 10" long (we do have a model that has a 3" base to save some space). The stand also has small rubber feet mounted to the bottom in order to protect it as well as the counter top from the wet environment.

-------Color choices--------

1 - Natural Clearcoated *(see below for description)
2 - Polished & Clearcoated *(see below for description)
3 - Hammered Black
4 - Hammered Silver
5 - Hammered Antique Pewter
6 - Hammered Gray
7 - Hammered Burnished Amber
8 - Hammered Rosemary
9 - Hammered Gold
10 - Hammered Copper
11 - Hammered Chestnut
12 - Hammered Brown
13 - Hammered Dark Bronze

*The natural finish retains the mill scale from the processing of the metal, this will also maintain the color changes and beauty from the weld process.  The polished finish will result in a brushed silver look, also showing the color changes from the weld process.

***There is an optional oak wood base to accentuate your stand is available here, click to see the options available.

Will it fit your existing shaving kit?

The hole for the razor is 5/8" in diameter and about 5 " from the bottom of the shelf. The opening for the brush is 1 1/8" in diameter. This size will fit virtually any brush and razor sold today. If you would like something to more exact specifications, please message us and we will be happy to custom build a stand for you.

We take pride in our work and strive to make the best American made product for you.   We back up all of our merchandise with a 30 day 100% money back return policy, and accept all returns without questions or hassles.

We strive for 5 star service, and 100% positive feedback. Please contact us if you feel that there is any way we can improve your buying experience before leaving less than positive.

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(Razor, brush and other shaving accessories pictured are for display purposes only)

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